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NuSKIN MedSpa & IV Lounge helps patients achieve even tone, smooth, young-looking skin with Photofractional treatments. The non-invasive treatment is fast, and the recovery is minimal. PhotoFractionals combine Intense Pulsed Light for color correction, wrinkle reduction and tightening skin.

Benefits of a PhotoFractional

  • Vibrant and Youthful Skin

  • Patients notice a significant 80% improvement in wrinkles, color, tone, and blemishes after just. 2 treatments. The skin also feels softer and more even giving people a more youthful appearance.

  • This treatment stimulates the body’s production of collagen. Collagen makes the skin look smoother and younger. By boosting collagen production, people continue to enjoy results well after the procedure. The PhotoFractional also reduces unwanted color, both red and brown in the skin, so your skin tone looks more even.

  • Downtime is minimal after a PhotoFractional. People can resume normal activities immediately and are fully recovered after 24-48 hours.

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